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First Initial D

Last Name Johnson

Discord Name: alliecat.morrison #9340

What department are you applying for? Civilian

What experience do you have with role playing? I have done LEO,EMS,CIV. I have done trucker and mechanic Rps. I have played for about 5 months. I have also done Drug dealer, drug busts, and dealership roleplays.

What can you bring to SPRP? I can bring Serious Roleplay, Lots of fun. I can do great Roleplay scenes. 

As a civilian what can you do to create an enjoyable atmosphere for others? I can do mechanic roleplays, dealership roleplays, and also car,bike, and truck meets.

Do you agree with the server rules and regulations? Yes I definitely agree to server rules and regulations

Why should we choose you over other members? My honest opinion? I don't really like being asked why I should be chosen over others because I think everybody should get at least one chance to do their best.

Would you agree that your name is in the correct format ?
Yes or No? Yes


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